When will my order ship?

1. Login
Visit www.MyEvergreenOnline.com and enter your email and password, then click “Log In.” (For assistance, please call 800-774-3837 in the U.S, or 877-509-2955 in Canada.)

2. Account Overview / Orders
You will automatically see ‘ready to ship’ orders appear in your dashboard; if you do not, simply click the “Orders” button on your dashboard.

Search for your order number, P.O. number, or a specific SKU using the search box. The default date range is 1 year, but if you need to search for older orders, simply change the begin and end date and click on “Run Report”.

Click on the red underlined order number of the order you wish to view. The order details will appear and give you information regarding your order ship dates, such as “Order Fulfillment Rate”, scheduled ship date, and all other pertinent information.

What are the ship dates listed on the page mean?

  • Your requested ship date is the target date for shipment, set when order was placed.
  • The scheduled ship date is an estimated ship date, based on inventory allocation and availability. Estimated date created 2-3 weeks before order ships.
  • The inventory available ship date is the estimated date this item is eligible to be shipped.

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