How to: Group Shipments

  • Click on the green cart icon at the top right after you’ve completed shopping.
  • Cart is automatically grouped by warehouse and shipping availability, order groupings are summarized at the top. Orders meeting minimums can “Proceed to Checkout”, and any below minimums will be saved for later.
  • For any shipments below minimum, use the red “Modify Cart” link to jump to that order.
  • Click the arrow on the left side of the yellow box to view/hide the items in that grouping.
  • Change the quantity by typing a number in the box next to each item.
  • Select a desired ship date for a single item from the pop-up menu next to each item. Or change the ship date for the entire group by using the pop-up menu in the yellow box.
  • Note: Remember to click the “Update Cart” button under the yellow box to apply your changes to quantities or dates.

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