How To: Create a PDF Portfolio

Part 1: Adding Items

  • Add items to the Portfolio by locating them with the catalogs or search filters, and clicking on the “Add to Portfolio” button/link for each.
  • Click on the “Account” button at the very top and choose “My PDF Portfolio”.
  • Add more items if desired by typing (or pasting) SKUs into the box on the right, then click “Add to Portfolio”.
  • To remove items, either click on “Delete” next to each item, or click the “Clear Portfolio” button near the top to remove all.

Part 2: Creating the PDF

  • Click the “Create PDF” button on the portfolio page of items
  • In the pop-up box, type in a title for your document, select your layout style, and choose your pricing and sorting options.
  • Click the green “Create PDF” button and wait for the site to generate your file.
  • Once the file opens, you can print or save to your computer for future use.
  • Go back to the portfolio page and click “Clear Portfolio” before starting a new list of items.

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