How to: Check Claim Status

You can easily check the status of your claims after you log in to your account dashboard:

  • Click the “Claims” button from the toolbar at the top. (Or click the gray “Submit New Claim” button at the top of a shipped order page.)
  • Click the Claim History tab to show all orders with claim activity.
  • Default date range is 12 months from original order date. Change the date range if needed, then click “Run Report”.
  • Search within the list of orders using the “Search Your Orders” text box & menu, or sort the list using the “Sort By” menu and the arrow button.
  • “Processed Claim Amount” shows credit related to product
  • “Adjusted Amount” shows other credits (freight refund, etc.)
  • “Credit Amount” shows total actual credit given on that order.
  • “Open Claim Amount” shows pending product claims submitted that have not yet been closed or awarded.
  • Click on Invoice # to see item details.

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