How do I place a reorder?

1. Get Started
Visit and enter your email and password, then click “Log In.” (For assistance, please call 800-774-3837 in the U.S., or 877-509-2955 in Canada.) Click the ”Reorder” button on your dashboard to see all recent orders.

2. Locate Previous Order
(For orders placed more than 12 months ago, change the date range by selecting the begin and end dates, then click Run Report to update.)
Re-sort the list using the drop-down menu.
Check the box next to any orders you’d like to reorder, then click the “View Products” button.

3. Add Items to Cart
Select items to reorder by checking the boxes on the left.
Click the “Add to Cart” button.

4. Checkout
Click on the Shopping Cart button in the top right corner.
As long as your reorder meets our minimum amounts, click the “Checkout Now” button to begin the process of completing your order.
Change the ship date, if desired, by using  the drop-down menu in the yellow box.

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